swan hill carpet cleaning

For Your Home

We offer professional carpet cleaning services to all the residents of Swan Hill, Kerang, Lake Boga, Nyah and the surrounding areas. Our clients appreciate our dedication and devotion to them, from start to finish, that keeps them coming back again and again.

We go above and beyond to please you:

We only use a Truck Mounted Steam Cleaner to leave your carpets looking immaculate. Mounted to the floor of our work van, the steam cleaner uses hot water to lift and extract dirt from your carpet through a long hose fitted with an extension wand. Then hot water mixed with cleaner is pumped through, leaving your floors as full and fluffy as the day they were installed.

Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet maker, recommends only truck mounted steam cleaning, and Kane’s Cleaning is committed to using the best, most advanced technology on our clients’ homes.

We Also Clean Tile and furniture upholstery and area rugs.


Kane’s Cleaning: 04 370 456 45

ABN: 70 956 837 118


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