What should you look for when hiring a professional carpet cleaner?

Hi, this is Kane Russell from Kane’s Steam Clean. Today i’m here to answer the question How do I chooses a carpet cleaning service that I will be happy with? But before I do that I’m going to explain a few things about the cleaning methods and process. most times when people call a carpet cleaning service they will ask how much do you charge? This question unfortunately tells them very little about what they are actually buying as unfortunately the industry isn’t regulated and you can get wildly varying job quality between operators, due to them skipping steps, using inferior equipment and chemicals, or even the completely wrong cleaning methods for the job at hand, this is compounded even more by 3 of the biggest franchises in Australia exclusively using encapsulation dry cleaning in the residential setting. Now I’m not saying there isn’t a place for dry cleaning in the industry. But for anything above light soil situations in a residential setting I would struggle to recommend that method. Especially for longer pile carpets, the average homeowner probably has there carpets cleaned once or twice a year maybe  less. I don’t know about you but for my cleaning dollar I would much rather a method of cleaning that thoroughly flushes and removes dirt, grease, body oil and allergens and sucks them outside of my house. Than a method that essentially crystallizes and drives the dirt down and hopes your vacuum cleaner can do a good job of removing it. There is a reason many cleaners refer to encapsulation as hiding dirt.

When it comes to commercial appearance maintenance cleaning on a monthly or bi monthly schedule though quality dry cleaning with a Cimex machine is tough to beat specially on glue down carpets that are prone to wick back. The other problems with these franchise companies is they don’t even use the best dry cleaning machines in the industry like for example the aforementioned Cimex cyclone is a beast of a dry cleaning machine that will do an awesome job on commercial glue down carpets yet they are happy to run a 175rpm floor buffer on your carpet with a bonnet pad and call that quality carpet cleaning.

Unfortunately steam cleaning in the hands of an unskilled operator is not much better and can in some cases be worse. How many times have you heard something from a friend or family member  like “I had my carpets cleaned last week and they were wet for 3 days and the spots came back and they even started to smell” this is an unfortunate situation cased by operator error. If the carpets are soaking wet when you get home you need to call whoever has cleaned the carpets and have them come and fix it. The carpets should never get saturated during steam cleaning and the carpet cleaner should be cleaning with overlapping strokes and then be doing drying strokes after the wet strokes, the carpets should be damp to the touch and dry in hours not days.

So that’s all well and good Kane but how do i know who to choose? In general if the price is to good to be true it usually is $100-$150 for a whole house will either result in high pressure up sales of things like pre spray that should be included in the initial price or on the other end of the spectrum the complete lack of a pre spray and pre vacuuming and no neutralizing rinsing agent in the cleaning solution. some guys just run a slurry (alkaline cleaning solution) in their rinse water and that’s all they do. This will leave a ton of residue in your carpet and cause rapid resoiling. You also lose out on the benefit of chemical dwell time you get with pre spray.  All of these things will most likely give you mediocre cleaning results and at worst saturated carpet. They will be in and out in under an hour. and you wont be happy.

The things I would look for start with your initial phone call. When you ring me I will generally ask you your name and if it is ok for me to ask you a few questions so that I can better help you. I will then ask if you know what the carpet is made of? This is important because I can determine what kind of cleaning agents will have to be used and what can be done about spots and stains if that is an issue that will lead into my next question is there any spots or stains you are concerned about? this will include things like animal stains, rust, food and drink spills that may not come out with the regular cleaning processes. the next question I like to ask is how long has it been since the carpets were last cleaned? This is a good question because it will give me an idea of the cleaning methods that will be required to get the best results. For example if you have a Polyester carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in 3-4 years there is an extremely high chance you are going to need a stronger prespray and rotary extraction to really restore the appearance of that carpet. lastly i will ask about the size of rooms in relation to each other and stairs hallways and walk in closets. Because people always forgets to mention these things and the last thing I want to do is get to your house and have to change the price because there is more to clean than you told me about on the phone.

At the end of the day you should choose Kane’s Steam Clean because I don’t compromise. I clean every job to the best of my ability, I don’t cut corners, I charge what it’s worth to do it properly. I stand behind my work with an iron clad guarantee if you are not satisfied I will re clean it. if you are still not satisfied I will refund your money 100%.

Now just pick up your phone and call me at: 04 370 456 45

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